Fish and the free market

What’s in it for you if you teach him
to fish? Wasted energy, effort,
time –
and in the end, fewer fish.

Give him the fish – not a
large one; but tell him it is
the nicest, juiciest one of the lot.

And wait…

When he comes back, he’ll ask you:
“How do I fish? I want to eat for life.”
“Fishing isn’t for you
mate, come back tomorrow
if you want another fish.”

Don’t go there tomorrow.

Juicy one for him the next day, but
a little smaller.

And wait…

By the end, you’ll have a starving man
who thinks he’s got the best fish.

And you’ll have all the fish.


Haiku and Senryu

The Trees.

Together, the trees
say. Hard to tell if they blow
the wind, or it them.



Together, we sway.
Blown by winds far away, or
in our souls; our hearts?

Final Beat

And if they come again
then let them through.
Marauders on an open
shore, who rape the land
and raze the town
inside your mind. Raise the
the tide above your head
and let it wash
your soul: a cleansing
fire, crashing down like
the surf; a stolen breath
that weighs the lungs;
the thick muck through
which you wade brushes
against your heart
and strangles out the final beat
until –

they come again.

Sand Like Lace

Some people say
that when they stay
too long in one place,
the strands of their mind begin to fray.

Some people face
the shore, sand like lace,
while the horizon beckons,
then turn back in disgrace.

Some people work on,
head home along
a new path, saying
“This is where I belong.”

Some people sing
out, flex their itchy wings
and fly, like eagles,
to new worlds – new things.

Some peoples’ lives trickle
through their fingers. Bells will
toll, at the break of day,
mourning a curse so evil.



Cinquain of Cinquains – in the works

Hey all,

Just an update as I did not post a poem today. I am working on a cinquain of cinquains at the moment. By this I mean that I will be writing a rather long poem made up of cinquains as the stanzas. In each section of the poem, the number of stanzas will correspond to the number of syllables in each line of a standard cinquain poem. I think this little endeavour could be fun, and don’t want to just smash one out with little consideration. I would like to spend a good amount of time on it.

Thanks for your patience! Below is a sample of what I have written so far. This is obviously subject to change.




do we know of
the way it ended. Slow
and painful; or full of joy?

we walked
on and on and
until we saw the next
day’s light we couldn’t see even what
was close.


To be continued…

Haiku: An exploration pt. 2

Hi all,

Part two of my exploration into Haiku!


A Name

“What’s in a name?” she
said. Our souls – destined to be
bound, caught, forever.


They crisscross our land:
flagellants cutting deep scars
into the green hills.


Dew slides silently
down the windscreen. Engine on,
he wipes it away.

Game Over

Your score – horrific:
sea levels rose; worldwide war;
government failure.

Never Seen

A once-important trait, was
never seen again.

Haiku: An exploration

I haven’t really dabbled in the Haiku before, but I’m always interested to try my hand at a few things. Today my school had a trip to a water park and I got home late. I went to see my mum after school because it was easier than going home to make dinner for myself (I’m a lucky man) after a long day and I needed to vent. I have also been battling with paperwork that surrounds the house I’m buying with my partner. I think I’ll see where today’s not-so-positive mindset takes me with these poems. Who knows what will happen!




Dust falls- my eyes open.
If only I had slept that long.
A new day awakens.


Scratching on the page
my pacer moves back and forth-
my soul stripped bare.

Like Blood

It flows like thick blood –
Quick and heavy the money
That buys so little.


Trembling, the tall, terse
Lady leaves, looking luscious,
feeling ferocious.

The Key

A small key tinkles
as it sinks its teeth into the
tumbler’s open gut.